A Lack of African-American Infographics

Business & Branding
September 9, 2016

Before I became a graphic designer and started my company 21five Creative, I actually went to school for Psychology. My intent was to become a family and pastoral counselor, and I was on track to becoming just that. Although things changed and I had to go with the path that God set out for me, I still have a very real interest in the mental (and overall) health of people. My friend Trey Taylor (who also earned his B.S. in Psychology and would later earn his Masters of Social Work) and I talk about mental health on a regular basis, especially as it pertains to the African-American culture.

During one of our conversations, I was talking about infographics when Trey had an idea. He asked if I'd be able to design an infographic based upon factual data that he had on the mental health of African-Americans. Naturally, I said "Of course!". Without much surprise, there was a major lack of African-American infographics, especially those that dealt with mental health.

After a couple months, we finally created this graphic!  You can read more about the graphic and contact Trey via his blog here. Keep on the look out as we have at least three more than will be coming out soon as well! If you're interested in creating an infographic or want more information about my design services, contact me at Kevin@21fiveCreative.com

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